Cyprus exports thousands of stray animals to foreign breeding families

In the last seven years, Cyprus has exported a total of about 30,000 dogs. There is great interest in adopting a dog from Cyprus, especially from Germany and the United Kingdom. This became clear during a recent debate in the Cypriot parliament on funding for shelters for homeless dogs and cats.

In Cyprus, these stray dogs and cats are a big problem. The country is trying various strategies to find an acceptable solution to this ban.


The government continues to organize campaigns to euthanize many stray animals. On the other hand, budgets are also available to finance the operation of reception centers. However, some animals may also be sent to a foreign reception family. In this way, Cyprus will export five thousand dogs and cats annually.

Nicos Ghettiros, deputy chairman of the Environment Committee in the Cypriot Parliament, stressed that “animal lovers in other countries are aware that Cyprus is trying to find a solution for dogs and cats that have to live on the streets without a home.” “Therefore considerable interest in the shelter of an animal may be mentioned abroad.”

“Animal organizations have confirmed that the export of these animals is done completely legally,” Ketiros said. “Transportation costs are borne by the recipients and the future owners of the animals.”

Scene for street dogs

It is estimated that about 250,000 stray dogs roam in Cyprus. “Only a fraction of these animals can be saved and eventually an owner can be found,” say animal organizations. “There are only 1.2 million people in Cyprus, and those people cannot solve this problem.”

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“The situation is almost hopeless. The number of stray dogs is constantly increasing. Many animals are starving, poisoned or running away from cars. Only a certain population ends up at the reception center and has the opportunity of a new home.

However, the cost of reception centers is rising sharply. Over the past decade, the Cypriot parliament has passed legislation allowing the euthanasia of homeless animals. It is estimated that about 20,000 dogs are euthanized each year in Cyprus.

In order to draw public attention to this issue and to provide shelter for a large number of animals, Animal systems in Cyprus It has also been organizing the annual exhibition for street dogs for some time.

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