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France: DAB + broke off

In the first half of 2023, France is experiencing a significant “lag” in DAB +. After musk Sarthe and Eure-et-Loir in Januaryfollowed on February 22 by muxen in Montpellier, Nimes and Perpignan It’s last Wednesday (March 1st) mux Reims dinner Started in Block 9A. You can listen to the following stations: ado, Chante France, France Bleu Champagne, Hello Champagne, Jazz Radio, Melody, N’Radio, Oüi FM, Radio FG, Radio Orient, RCF Reims-Ardennes, Sud Radio and TSF Jazz. Reims’ domestic spinner (Block 9B) was announced to start running on March 30th. It provides digital space for Bulle FM, Champagne FM, Crooner Radio, France Maghreb 2, Générations, NRJ Reims, Radio Graffiti’s, Radio Jeunes Reims, Radio Maria, Radio Mau-Nau, Radio Pitchou, RVM Reims and Virage Radio. The coming months are going to be very busy, with a start – all before summer – of muxen RenAnd BaoAnd BesanconAnd BrestAnd limogesAnd MetzAnd BayonneAnd Clermont-FerrandAnd NancyAnd Anger foodAnd local Perpignan.

Luxembourg now has its own Radioplayer

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg also has its own version of Radioplayer since this week. during radioplayer.lu You will find links to Eldoradio, L’essentiel Radio, Radio 100.7, Radio ARA, Radio Latina, RTL – Deutschlands Hit-Radio, RTL Gold, RTL LX, RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg and RTL Today Radio. Although the site currently offers very little. You only need to click through to the websites of the radio stations. We have not yet tested whether the app has more functions, for the simple reason that you can only download the app yourself if you are based in Luxembourg.

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Tidal: More Funds for Emerging Artists

When launching its music streaming service Tidal, it opted for a different method of rewarding artists. The fellow competitors pay a fraction of a euro (or dollar) each time a song is played. But many little things make for something big, and for famous artists, it pays off. However, Tidal chose DAP or Direct Artist Payout. From the $19.99 per month paid for a higher-end subscription, each artist that a subscriber listens to the most will receive 10 percent of that subscription. This program has now been discontinued. Tidal realized that there was not enough room to pay emerging artists. It will be replaced by the TIDAL Rising program, which should encourage new artists. TIDAL wants to invest at least $5 million. (HVG)


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