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Miminat Designs combines everyday and poetic, old and new, complementary and timeless furniture, objects and interiors. In this way, the studio creates functional art and elegant spaces with a unique personality.

London-based Miminat Designs is a design studio that specializes in creating beautiful furniture, lighting and decorative items and complete interior design. The studio was founded by British-Nigerian artist and designer Miminot Showdeinde. There was an attraction to art from an early age. He strives for an artistic aesthetic with architectural precision. In her work she combines everyday with poetry and the old with the new. In this way he gets timeless and compelling designs that meet art and architecture. “When creating a piece of furniture, it is important for me to combine traditional craft methods with the modern use of modern materials. I have a deep respect for the craftsmanship of the craftsmen and I try to reflect that on my furniture, but mostly on modern lines. I like, ”he says. When designing a space, Shodeinde uses old materials and classic or vintage pieces in a very contemporary setting. Without being limited to any particular style or genre, Showday’s aesthetic is fluid, functional and sophisticated. Each project is given a unique description and its own identity. The furniture, objects and lamps of Miminat Designs are characterized by sculptural patterns. The designer explores and examines the relationship between form and function, thus allowing art and design to be combined. “My designs balance the sculptural form and function in the real world. In terms of design language, I like to give movement or fluidity to my pieces. There is beauty in movement. I try to capture it in my work. You will see classic furniture. They play with size and symmetry, with large light levels, clean lines, warm materials and a tinted color palette with overlapping textures. ”

“I want to redesign vintage silhouettes”

Miminot Showday describes his mind as the greatest and most important tool for his interior and furniture design. It all starts from there. “When I create a design or space I get my inspiration from those around me or from what I like,” he says. For example, the designer is inspired by music, art and sculpture. “I have a passion for the material, how things are created, which is why the production process is so important to me. So I spend a lot of time with artisans, engaging in every process at every stage, asking questions and learning. I think you can say that to begin with, and I’m sure to create intuition and how I feel at the time.All the pieces are handcrafted by a team of artisans in the UK and Europe, which ensures authenticity and pure craftsmanship. Want to know more about Miminat Shodeinde? Read the full article Imagicasa Fall 2021

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Countryhouse Gloucestershire by Miminat Designs

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