The investigation has begun against the second Canadian arrested in China …

In the Chinese capital, Beijing, the trial of a Canadian man detained for two years began on Monday morning. This was reported by the head of the Canadian embassy. The man was accused of spying by China.

The trial of former diplomat Michael Cowrick continues three days after the trial of another Canadian Michael Bower in Dandong, two hours after the verdict was closed behind closed doors without being made public.

These men, now known as the ‘Two Michaels’, were formally accused by China of spying last year, which could carry a life sentence in that country.

They were arrested in 2018, a week after Meng Wanshou, a top woman at the Chinese telecommunications company Hawaii, was arrested in Canada at the request of the United States. America wants to try her for fraud. Ottawa has accused Beijing of arresting two Canadians in retaliation, but Beijing denies it.

No audience

As with Spover’s trial, no outsiders were allowed in court during Gowrick’s trial. Representatives of the Canadian Embassy in China and ambassadors from more than 20 countries wanted to follow suit.

According to a court official who is being tried by Govric, this is a national security case and therefore no public should appear in court.

Gowrick, like Spear, risks life imprisonment. In China, court cases always lead to a sentence.

Several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union, have condemned Michael’s detention. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked US President Joe Biden for help in this matter. “People are not a bargaining chip,” Biden said after a meeting with Trudeau on Thursday. “We’re going to work together to get them home safely.”

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