Olivia Rodrigo sings ‘f * ck you’ with Lily Allen in Supreme Court: “Many women will die” (video)

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The singer sang ‘Good 4U’ at the famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK on Saturday afternoon. He was delighted to share the stage with British singer Lily Allen: “Today is a very special day. This is my first time in Glastonbury and I share the stage with Lily. It’s a dream come true, ”Rodrigo said as Allen stepped on stage.

“But my heart was broken by what happened in the United States yesterday,” he continues. “The Supreme Court has decided to repeal the law guaranteeing Rowe Wade, the right of women to safe abortion and other basic human rights. I was devastated and I was scared. Many women and girls will die as a result, ”he said.

“We hate you”

She decided to comment on Lily Allen’s huge hit ‘F * ck you’: “I would like to dedicate this song to the five members of the Supreme Court who, above all, don’t really care about it. Freedom. This song is by judges Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil. For Korsch, Amy Connie Barrett and Brett Kavanagh.We hate you.

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Other artists in Glastonbury also spoke out against the US Supreme Court ruling last weekend. Billy Elish spoke about “the darkest day for women in America”. Phoebe Bridgers was outraged by this decision: “F * ck America and all irrelevant old m * therf * ckers are telling our f * cking bodies what to do.”

Half the states control the law

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday overturned the constitutional right of women to have abortions. Conservative courts have allowed 50 states to decide for themselves whether abortion is permissible. Several conservative states, including Missouri, South Dakota and Indiana, have already announced their abolition. Nearly half the states are expected to pass legislation restricting the right to abortion in some form.

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