Daughter Ninki Plus has to undergo heart surgery again: “Slight panic” | Displays

Harley, Nine-month-old daughter of Nikki Plus, will soon have to undergo surgery again. The girl was born with a heart defect and has to undergo surgery a second time, the YouTuber and comedian shared on Instagram.

“We went to the hospital for a check-up, a normal check-up appointment as it has been every two months lately. I thought it would be smart to operate on her before winter,” said the pediatric cardiologist. It gives way to a wave of panic and slight tension, which I’ve been aware of since the last time.”

“I knew this was coming and I was mentally preparing myself for it. However, when those words are uttered, it is as if the door was blown open by the strong wind.

in jan harley for the first time He underwent surgery. According to the mother, her daughter was “carved from the wood of two soldiers.” “Just like her brother. Her heart will be well patched and Harley will be in and out like a warrior, just like the last time.”

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