Ambush Camera Crew During Recordings About… Well, Burglaries | outside

The Spanish-language news channel itself did not make much publicity for it. “We didn’t want the story to be written about us because so many other robberies had already happened,” the CEO of Univision Chicago told local media a day after the incident.

On Monday morning, a reporter and photographer were near Wicker Park in the United States. Suddenly, a black SUV and a silver sedan pulled up next to them. Police said that three masked men with weapons in their hands got out of the vehicles.

The thieves demanded money from the duo, but since they didn’t have any, their camera and equipment were stolen. Police confirmed that the victims’ belongings were taken and the perpetrators fled.

Among the robbery victims were two news workers, a 28-year-old and a 42-year-old. The perpetrators are still missing. Univision wanted to report on the neighborhood after at least eight armed robberies took place this past weekend. Although it is not clear if there is a link between these incidents, the police are certain that two to four perpetrators were involved in each of these robberies.

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