Southern European heat extends to Western Europe: it reaches 44 degrees in Spain and 38 degrees in France | Weather News

Last weekend was already very hot on the Iberian Peninsula: in parts of Spain, for example, it was already warmer than 40 degrees. The mercury may rise further in the coming days, according to Spain’s national weather service AEMET, which has issued a heatwave warning. For example, in the cities of Cordoba and Zaragoza it can be 43 ° and 44 °, respectively.

The heat will spread further north in the coming days and it will be France’s turn. From Tuesday, heat rises in the southern half of the country and maximum temperatures can reach 35 to 38 degrees in the middle of the week. The highest temperatures are expected between Thursday and Friday, according to the French national weather service Météo-France. So it is possible for a heat wave to occur in France, which should be warmer than 25.3 degrees on average across the country for at least three consecutive days.

Later this week, the winds will shift south, causing hot air to expand into western Europe, and Belgium will also have to deal with summer or tropical temperatures. According to RMI, the temperature can reach 33 degrees on Friday and Saturday.

Later this week it will also be summer or tropical with us:

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