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De Morgen shed light on Mediahuis radios

In today’s issue, De Morgen publishes an article titled “Play Media redesigns the radio stations: nostalgia should make you forget the lifeless story of NRJThe article is based on the fact that NRJ Vlaanderen has become a non-stop fund, except for Louise Ailliet, but you can Read here at RadioVisie much earlier. In the context of The action is stopped by Studio 100 in the State Council The only new tip in the DM article is that all Studio 100 arguments are rejected in the auditor’s report. The last part of the contribution, about the expected Cross pollination between Play Media with NostalgiaIt contains little or no concrete information. However, a name change is being considered and plans are being made to build a radio studio at Play South. On the other hand, the article does not say a word about how the current advertising deal between Nostalgie and DPG Media will proceed, when this is nonetheless The elephant in the room He is.

United Kingdom: New CEO at Bauer Media Audio

At Bauer Media Audio UK, the UK’s second largest commercial radio group, Simon Myciunka (left in the photo above) As of July 1, the new CEO, succeeding Dee Ford (on the photo directly) who announced her retirement in early February after 35 years in British broadcasting. Ford wants to spend more time with her husband and family. Myciunka joined from Bauer Media Audio Ireland where he had been CEO for the past two years when Bauer bought Ireland’s Communicorp. Chris Doyle will now lead the Irish division on an interim until a successor is appointed.

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India: Mandatory FM radio in mobile phones is causing confusion

Indian press channels have been chatting for a few days about an ‘advice’ from the Indian government urging mobile phone manufacturers to always activate the FM radio function. For devices without FM function, it is recommended to include it. The news is also widely picked up outside India, because – just like that – big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are at risk of getting into trouble. After all, more expensive smartphones have not had an FM chip for several years, and often they don’t even have a 3.5-mm audio jack, which previously served as an FM antenna. However, many of these articles are wrong. After all, the Indian government’s circular explicitly refers to “mobile phones”, not “smartphones”. The distinction is important in India, because so-called cheap phones (phones without features, dumb phones, …) are still very popular there. In 2022, 57 million units have been in circulation in India, compared to 201 million smartphones.

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