Dead fish in Colmar after Extinction Rebellion: “More than 48 hours later, the water is still turning green” | outside

Environmentalists poured fluorescein, a powerful organic pigment that turns green when it comes into contact with water, into the Lauch River. The Extinction Rebellion movement claimed responsibility for this action. The action group wanted to protest plans to bury toxic waste at a former mine in Wittelsheim. The controversial project recently received the green light. The waste will be surrounded by a concrete structure to prevent groundwater contamination.

The “innocent” dye had already been used in previous actions, but this time the mayor of Colmar and local residents noticed a large number of dead fish on the surface of the water in the river. “More than 48 hours after the protest, the water is still green,” Mayor Eric Stroman told Le Figaro on Monday afternoon. “I could see with my own eyes the effect of this dye, distributed in large quantities, on aquatic animals.”

At this time, he has not yet decided whether to file a complaint against the environmental group. “We will see how the situation develops and we will then decide whether to take further measures or not. The visual pollution alone is enormous,” said the city mayor. He pointed out that the arrested person has not been detained at the moment, but has only been fined.

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