Owner of a collapsed apartment building in Miami warns…

Less than three months before the Miami apartment block collapsed, the owner warned that the building was in much worse condition than when it was inspected three years ago. This did not lead to any improvements, resulting in at least 11 deaths. that reports New York times.

The newspaper obtained a letter that Jan Woodnecki, owner of the Champlain Towers South apartment complex in Surfside, sent to the building’s residents less than three months ago. He states that the damage to the building is “much worse” than during the inspection three years ago. Then the building was not really in very good condition.

In the letter, Woodnecki explains why it is necessary to carry out $15 million in construction work to improve the state, and that these works should be funded by the residents.

Previous warning signs

Thus it becomes increasingly clear that the cause of the drama in Miami is the questionable condition of the building. Not only was this noted in 2018, but since then other engineers have expressed doubts about the condition of the building. The 2018 examination predicted that damage to the building would “increase exponentially in the following years” if no action was taken. This did not happen. The owner cannot be reached for comment.

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