Sexologists urgently request legal recognition (Brussels)

“Recognition of sexologists is necessary and urgent.” This says the Flemish Society for Sexology (VVS) in a press release on Sunday. There is a bill, but the legal framework is still not sound.

Anyone can call themselves a sexologist without any verification that they have the necessary training or competencies. VVS has been striving for years for legal recognition of a sexologist because people are entitled to high-quality care, whether it relates to their medical, psychological or sexual well-being.

VVS is putting the problem back into the spotlight after the recent broadcast of “Sekswerkers” on canvas. It depicts an experienced expert who also impersonates the role of a sexologist. It seems that “VVS understands that an empirical expert can have added value, but that people must know clearly who they are turning to: a recognized sexologist, an empirical expert, …”.

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Out of necessity, the Flemish Society of Sexologists introduced the title “VVS Clinical Sexologist” as a quality label in 2015. The clinical sexologist must have a university degree in sexology and must be able to demonstrate supervised clinical work experience. Sexologists with this address are listed on the website or

VVS indicates that everything is ready for legal recognition. The Supreme Health Council already issued clear advice in 2016 about legal recognition of sexology as an independent health profession, and MP Natalie Moyle (CD&V) introduced a bill in 2017 and 2019 based on that advice. The VVS and SSUB support this law.


At the end of last year, two health insurance funds announced that they would start a number of sessions with a sexologist from this year. payment. The requirement is that it relates to a sexologist recognized by the VVS Professional Association. In this way an attempt was made to impose a certain quality standard.

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Sexology is a professional category recognized in the Netherlands, among others.

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