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With all these measures, it is not always easy to entertain yourself at home, but fortunately you can always choose to borrow a collection of books from the library or from friends and lie on the sofa with a book. But, how do you know what you’ve actually read or where you left off without making dog ears? There is an app for that: Bookshelf.

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People who watch a lot of series and movies path, beer drinkers use untapped and roaming species Tripadvisor. There are many applications where you can create lists on a specific topic, with a lot of additional information and images. Great if you’re a collector, a fan of rolls, or have a memory like a sifter.

For bookworms there is a bookshelf. This app allows you to keep track of which books you still want to read, which ones you’re reading now and which you’ve already read. You can specifically mark the page you left, so you don’t have to make dog ears or search for a bookmark. Do you listen to books? You can of course also keep track of it in this handy app.

App of the Week: Using Bookshelf you can feed a bookworm

A treasure trove of books

The app is very simple, free to use and contains a wealth of books. Whether you’re looking for Dutch or English books (or foreign language literature): you’ll likely find them in the library (cool that has a double meaning) in the app. You can save books with one click and create folders to categorize them.

Useful if, for example, you have to read certain books for school, or if you want to make a list of all the novels you read on vacation. Or maybe you want to “store” books that you still want to recommend to your friends, and then you can also create a folder for that. In short: Organization is the key to success at Bookshelf.

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Additionally, you can add books in many different ways. You can search the Bookshelf library, but you can also scan entire collections of books based on their ISBN (or individual books). If you have a book that is not yet known in Bookshelf, you can add it manually yourself. It’s also possible to run full stats on your behavior within the app, and we’re somewhat surprised that it doesn’t cost anything extra at all.

You can keep track of whether you not only read the book, but also owned it. You can also determine if you have a signed copy. The only thing we’re missing is a Netflix-like recommendation function: you can’t really invent new books if you indicate that you’ve read a particular book. On the other hand, this charming app was created by a small group of people and there is no big company behind it, so in the end we are happy with what Bookshelf can and does. Very simple, very fast and very clear. And we lived happily ever after.

Bookshelf - Your Virtual Library

Bookshelf – Your Virtual Library

Do you want to keep track of the books you’ve already read, or the books you own? Bookshelf helps you keep track of your reading work down to the page. ..

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