The Pope to priests: The church is not a synod unless the parishes are

Senior absentees

Why have priests so far been so little involved in the synod process? Koengrachts: I certainly wouldn’t blame all parish priests with the same brush in this regard. Some have already started working on it and are trying to foster the conversation in their community, with the aim of including and participating everyone. Some may expect a signal from their bishop or coordination from above.”

But it’s also true that there is some tension. If all believers are equal on the basis of their baptism, with or without ordination, what is the speciality of a priest or pastor? An important question that calls us to rediscover the essence of the priesthood.

3 suggestions from Pope Francis

He said in a message to the participants Pope Francis: “Priests know the life of God’s people from the inside out, with their joys, their difficulties, their resources, their needs. That is why the synodal Church needs them. Without priests, the Church will never learn how to walk together and follow the path of synod,” the Pope added.

If parishes were not conciliar and missionary, the church would not be either. Pope Francis

Pope Francis made three suggestions to the assembled parish priests.

  1. Test your charisma Greater service than ever To the various talents that the Spirit implants in the people of God. ‘It’s urgent It is necessary to discover the many talents of ordinary people. This will reveal many hidden treasures and make you feel less alone in the difficult task of evangelism […] Then you will experience the joy of being real parents, who do not control others, but bring out in them, men and women, great potential and value.
  2. Learn the art of it Common distinction That’s why he used the conversation method in the spirit.
  3. Do everything in one The spirit of participation and brotherhood Among you, with the believers and with your bishop. “We cannot be true parents if we are not first sons and brothers, and we cannot foster community and sharing if we do not live them ourselves.”
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The Pope stressed that the synodal process needs your voice. He called on them to be “conciliar missionaries” and to spread the spirit in the conference and when they return to their parishes.

Start with brotherhood

The desire to spread this spirit is now stronger for Bart Koengrachts. He certainly brings with him a lot of ideas from Rome. He is now, in collaboration with Benoît Loubet, writing an account of their experiences for the first time. “Then we’ll see how we spread that.”

The most important thing for him is to experience brotherhood at all levels in the church.

“Fraternity can be the answer to priesthood and will foster the appreciation of every voice, young and old, in a natural and enthusiastic way.”

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