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Take control of your health: Under this title, personal trainer and trainer Nico Neely will give two lectures at the Merici Hotel.

Nellie: “As a personal trainer, I teach entrepreneurs how to become and stay fit and healthy. I believe you can help yourself find balance mentally and physically. At a time when the numbers of burnout and chronic diseases like diabetes and back pain are higher than ever, “This approach is refreshing and welcome.”

“In my books In a conversation with yourself, See yourself And There is more to it than football I explain in a practical way how people can take control of their health. The starting point for all my lessons is the fact that we do not see body and mind separately. Our thoughts – conscious and unconscious – affect our physical health. Conversely, we also feel better when we are physically healthy. So we have to push both buttons, physically and mentally, to get and stay healthy.

To maintain your balance, you should not be afraid of falling

“I offer readers and listeners concrete tips to give their vitality a major boost. Everyone can start with this right away and thus take their physical and mental health to a higher level.

Would you like to attend such a lecture? Then register by sending an email to [email protected]. Feel free to take a look too www.niconeele.nl.

Lecture by Nico Neil, personal trainer, coach and author
When: Thursday, May 16 and Tuesday, May 21
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
Where: Hotel Merici Sittard, Oude Markt 5-7, 6131 EN Sittard, phone 046-4009002
Costs: 75 euros per person
» www.niconeele.nl

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