Android is working on a function to put all apps on dark mode

It appears that Google is planning to add a new feature in Android 15 that will allow you to force all your apps to switch to dark mode via your settings. This function will also work with apps that do not have a built-in dark mode.

The latest version of Android currently on smartphones is Android 14. In the meantime, work is of course underway on Android 15 and this new update to the well-known operating system may have a useful new function. the site Robot body Find out that work is being done onMake all apps dark“-job.

Dark mode

Some people don't want to know anything about it, but many can't do without dark mode. Many apps, such as Instagram, Google, and Facebook, have integrated dark mode for some time. For others, this is not the case (yet), but there may be a solution to this soon.

Robot body Discover that the Android 14 beta update contains a hidden function to dim all apps. This option will be the enhanced version of the similar feature that has been around since Android 10. The current feature can be disabled by certain apps. This is the case, for example, with the Fitbit app, which does not have a dark mode.


It is not yet clear if and when this new functionality will actually be available on Android. The feature is not yet available in the already available beta version of Android 15. So we will probably have to wait until the next update. It will be released next month.

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