Decathlon stores in northern France stop selling boats

The kayaks are no longer sold in stores of the Decathlon chain, the seller of sports equipment, in northern France until further notice. The company mentioned it. This measure should help prevent refugees from attempting to cross the English Channel from France to reach England.

Decathlon says it is concerned about people buying its products risking their lives attempts to cross into England.

danger to life

“Given the current context, buying canoes in the Decathlon stores in Calais and Grand Synthe, near Dunkirk, will no longer be possible,” the retailer confirmed to AFP.

“It turns out that the products were not always purchased for their original sporting purpose, but could be used to cross the canal. In such cases, human lives would be at risk.”

Decathlon confirmed that the same stores had decided to stop selling boats. “The management agreed with this decision,” the company said.

The kayaks will still be available for purchase online and can also be purchased from other collection sites. However, other safety equipment, such as life jackets and thermal clothing, will continue to be sold in stores in Calais and Grand Synthe.

Decathlon’s announcement comes amid a new wave of refugee attempts to cross the canal by boat. This has prompted rescue services in England to be more vigilant.

New record

Multiple groups of immigrants have been reported along the Kent Coast. A group of about sixty immigrants was received at Dungeness. On Friday, three migrants were reported missing after trying to cross the Channel to England in boats.

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On Thursday, two boats were found adrift off the coast of Calais. Two people were also pulled out of the water.

On Thursday, the British Home Office said 1,185 people had reached the English coast by small boats. This means that the latest wave of migration is setting a new record. The previous record dates back to earlier this month, when 853 immigrants were counted in one day.

French police have now vacated a large migrant camp where about 1,000 people were waiting to try to reach England.

Tensions between the UK and France escalated again due to the migrant crisis.

Gerald Darmanin, the French interior minister, held a meeting with his British counterpart Priti Patel, but previously indicated in an interview that the UK should stop using France as a boxing bag in its domestic policies.

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