Deferred payment: Trump gets 10 days to post $175 million bail, instead of the previous $454 million

It turns out that it is not possible to put money on the table yourself. It is unclear exactly how much money Trump has. Forbes magazine estimates his wealth at about $2.6 billion, but other media outlets say this is an underestimate. For example, Bloomberg talks about $3.1 billion. Another $2.7 billion could be added soon if he goes public with his media company.

However, a significant portion of this amount is tied to real estate. These estimates include the value of Trump Tower in New York and the value of his residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida. In addition, he may not sell his shares in his media company on the stock exchange during the first 6 months.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump himself said he had nearly $500 million in cash, but in the meantime had to post $92 million bail in the case against columnist E. Gene Carroll. Additionally, he must have enough money for his army of lawyers, his other lawsuits, and his Republican Party campaign.

Now that Trump only has to pay $175 million, it seems likely that he will be able to pay the necessary amount. It also means he has a better chance of appealing his New York fraud conviction.

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