Windows 11 is getting more AI features with this major update

Microsoft is developing the next version of Windows 11, version 24H2. The major update once again includes a host of new AI features. When can you expect the update for your computer?

Windows 12 won't be released this year, but the upcoming Windows 11 24H2 release will also be a major update. The system receives performance and security improvements, but is particularly notable for its new AI functionality. According to sources from Windows Central, Windows 24H2 will get a more advanced version of Copilot, which will be integrated into a large number of applications and should be able to do more than the current version.

according to Windows Central Windows 24H2 won't be fully rolled out to all users until September. However, the update will already be pre-installed on some new PCs that will be sold starting in June. This relates to new computers that manufacturers call “AI PCs,” because they contain more powerful chips for performing AI calculations.

Easier to use as a co-pilot

In Windows 24H2, it's even easier to use Microsoft Copilot Assistant. The co-pilot button will be at the bottom right of the screen, where it should be most visible. Microsoft's virtual assistant can do a lot of new tasks in this release, including providing information about your computer, adjusting settings, and emptying the trash.

The Copilot icon also displays new animations when certain features are available. For example, when you copy text, you can immediately use Copilot to adjust it. If you hover over the icon, you'll immediately get a list of options, such as “Summary,” “Explanation,” and “Customize.”

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