Deny Logistics from Menen receives the Gateway²Britain quality label

Minnen – In the presence of Flemish Minister Jo Bruns, the leading group VIL launched the Quality Mark Portal²Britain. This poster should show SMEs which logistics provider they can contact for import and export support with the UK. The SME Deny Logistics family from Menen is one of only four service providers to achieve this rating. “Obtaining this certification means we are the ideal point of contact for handling shipments to and from the UK,” says Director Bertrand Denny.

The United Kingdom has always been an important trading partner for West Flemish companies. Before Brexit, it was Flanders’ fourth largest trading partner, accounting for around 60% of export activity in the transport and logistics sector.

However, Brexit has reshaped the landscape and many SMEs have halted their transport activities to Great Britain. Bertrand Deny of Deny Logistics says: “For those who want to deal with British customers, there is a lot of administrative hassle. SMEs often lack the knowledge necessary to complete this transportation process successfully. We have this knowledge in-house.”

Strong growth after Brexit

Deny Logistics is a fourth generation family business from Menen, responsible for the storage and transportation of goods, with a particular specialization in chemicals, containers and customs handling. “In an increasingly complex logistics chain, we, as a relatively small organization, succeed in completely alleviating customer concerns,” says the manager. “We handle all customs and excise procedures associated with the import and export of goods. We handle all customs and excise procedures associated with the import and export of goods. We can also store The goods are temporarily stored in one of our warehouses. Finally, we also have an extensive network of transport companies, so that the load always arrives safely at its destination.

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The company has seen strong growth in recent years, especially since Brexit. “We needed additional storage capacity and we have now invested in it, providing greater scale,” continues the CEO. “But it certainly wasn’t all roses and glamor, because Brexit was a test for us as a business. Our employees had to do everything they could to answer the many questions our customers asked.

A shared achievement

Today, Deny Logistics sees all its efforts rewarded. The company received the Gateway²Britain quality label from Flemish Economy Minister Jo Bruns. In order to achieve this mark, Deny’s services are fully vetted.

In addition to Deny Logistics, 3 other logistics providers received the prestigious label: Corneel Geerts, Mainfreight and Ziegler. “We are certainly not outside this list,” Bertrand Denny concludes. “In any case, this motivates us to continue and improve our services even further. We see that many companies today still do not know how to organize their transportation to the UK in a correct and safe way.” We can really help them with that. In addition, this recognition is also a feather in the cap for all our employees. They have done a giant job in recent years and deserve a lot of praise for that. I am sure they will do it justice in the coming years.

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