Deputies were given a menstrual simulator on their stomachs and this was their response

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Parliament members

The four deputies receive a menstrual simulator on their stomachs and experience the complaints themselves. “You can see the guys are amazed at how severe it is. It’s opening our eyes to how impactful this is,” said one deputy. Several deputies responded that they wouldn’t really be able to work or exercise with this pain. That’s what we hoped would happen, Although it shouldn’t be necessary.

“Men often seem to believe that everything will be fine, without experiencing it,” Wansink continues. They see it as a different kind of pain. Now that they felt it themselves, they thought differently. “It is a shame that this was necessary to make them realize this.”


Many women share this opinion, Wansink notes of reactions to the photos. “We see that women also find it annoying that men only take it seriously when they experience it themselves.”

But above all, the organization is receiving positive feedback on the campaign. “Women are happy to draw attention to this, especially in politics. This way, it’s not an individual problem that they have to solve on their own. They feel more supported and heard, and that’s very important to us. We as a society really need to do something about it.”

Coalition agreement

WOMEN Inc. hopes that. To achieve with its work. “We want the National Women’s Health Strategy to be included in the new coalition agreement and for the parties to include it in their election manifesto. That’s why we’ve done it now.” Ultimately, they hope that if included in the coalition agreement, significant investment will be made in research into menstrual-related complaints and conditions.

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The four representatives want to start with it. “They seem to have good intentions. Some have already included this in the party programme. We hope it will come to others as well. Now we have to wait and see. They still have to show it.” Until then, the interest group will continue to fight. He added: “We will then write to the parties that will eventually come to the negotiating table on the coalition agreement, which, for us, should certainly be included in the coalition agreement.”

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