King Mohammed thanks countries for their assistance after the earthquake outside

Moroccan King Mohammed VI expressed his thanks to a number of heads of state and government for their assistance after the earthquake that struck part of the south of his country last week. The king sent letters of thanks to Spanish King Felipe, British King Charles and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, among others, MAP reported.

The King expressed his gratitude to Felipe for “his country’s support” and praised the efforts of the Spanish rescue teams and how they worked with relief teams from his country. In the letter addressed to King Charles and Prime Minister Sunak, the Moroccan monarch stressed that he was “proud of the relations between Morocco and the United Kingdom” and how rescue teams provided assistance to those affected by the earthquake.

Letters were also sent to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and the President of the United Arab Emirates. These countries also promised to provide emergency aid shortly after the earthquake in the form of a financial contribution and sending rescue teams.

There was much criticism of Moroccan King Mohammed because he remained silent for a long time after the earthquake. According to critical voices, it shows how volatile he is. While his people beg and moan, he spends his days abroad in luxury.

Aid was provided from a larger number of countries, but Morocco did not allow emergency aid from all countries. France, among other countries, has not been allowed to help, and there has been speculation in French media that this may have something to do with the deteriorating relationship between the two countries.

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According to the latest figures, nearly 3,000 people died as a result of the severe earthquake.

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The absence of the Moroccan king after the earthquake exposes the painful reality (+)

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