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The Twisted House in Hemley, Staffordshire, is known as ‘the craziest pub in Britain’. Last year, the 18th-century building was illegally demolished after a fire broke out. The owners now have to rebuild it, stone by stone, in its original, distressed condition.

On August 5 last year, a pub in the West Midlands caught fire. The fire may have been set intentionally. Six people were arrested on charges of arson, but have been released for now. Two days later, bulldozers demolished what remained of the building without obtaining permission from the municipality. It was not just Staffordshire, but many Britons from across the country were angry and called for better protection of Britain’s historical heritage.

Nine days before the fire, the pub had been sold by a brewery to a property developer, led by Adam and Carly Taylor (44 and 34 respectively). The Guardian discovered that Carly Taylor was once the manager of a rubbish dump next to the pub. According to the newspaper, bulldozers were also ordered a week before the fire.

This building remained after the fire, but its owners demolished it completely. © AP

So there was a smell in the whole place and I immediately started a whole campaign to bring the unique pub back to life. Now the government has effectively decided that the owners must rebuild the building in the condition it was in before the fire. They have three years to do so. They also have 30 days to appeal. The bricks of the “Crooked House” have indeed been preserved, as have its doors and even the iron.

The building was built in 1765 as a farmhouse. It has been a pub since about 1830. Mining activity in the area caused the building to sag, causing it to lean completely. It was scheduled for demolition in the 1940s, but was eventually shored up to remain safe. The pub has become a tourist attraction. Visitors were given marbles to roll onto the table. It looked like they were rolling down the slope.

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