The Austrian leaves his fortune to a French village where he hid during World War II | abroad

Austrian Eric Schwam inherited a portion of his fortune to the French village of Chambon-sur-Lignon, thank you that he and his family managed to hide there during WWII. Shawam, 90, passed away on December 25.

Mayor Jean-Michel Aero had two meetings with the Austrian to arrange everything. The amount of money involved was not mentioned, but it is “a large amount for the village.” As Ero’s predecessor spoke to Shwam earlier, according to the former mayor, the amount is € 2 million. The Austrian wants to spend money on education and youth initiatives such as education grants.

Shoam and his family came to the mountain village in 1943. The villagers housed the family in the local school to hide them from the Nazis. The Shwam family left the village in 1950.

Chambon-sur-Lignon is a well-known hiding village. Residents helped a lot of people during World War II. The village protected about 2,500 Jews from the Nazis. Before that, the villagers also helped people who fled during the French Revolution and Spanish Civil War. Recently, they have received many people from Africa and the Middle East.

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