Kristen Stewart is unrecognizable as Princess Diana in the first photo …

American actress Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in the biopic Spencer. For the first time, Stewart’s image was released and the resemblance is amazing.

The actress wears a red gown, a black wrapped jacket and a black hat with a matching veil, the actress stands in the group Spencer. Thanks to the blonde Bob, the resemblance to the late Princess Diana is amazing. The way she tilts her head and looks lost in thought immediately reminds the grieving princess.

The actress previously indicated that she found the role “extremely scary”. People know this sound. She is very special and special. “ I’m working really hard with an accent trainer about it, ” says Stewart.

Weekend in Sandringham

The picture is the first to be released of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. The new autobiographical movie was written by Peaky masksCreator Stephen Knight and set around the weekend in the life of Princess Diana. See how you spend Christmas with the royal family in Sandringham. Her tragic death will not be discussed. Instead, it highlights the relationship with her husband and her love for Prince Harry and Prince William.

Oak Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner), Sally Hawkins (The shape of the water(On Shawn Harris)Mission Impossible 5) Play in the movie. The film will be shot in Germany and the United Kingdom.

The film is expected to be shown in the fall of this year. The next year, 25 years ago, Princess Diana passed away after a car accident in Paris.

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