Despite sabotage, Iran is taking a step closer to nuclear weapons: it is now enriching uranium up to 60 percent.

Iran’s performance has been strongly emphasized for domestic and foreign political reasons. For the Iranian public, this is a reassurance of its nuclear power after Sunday’s sabotage attack on Natanz. To the world, this is a warning that Iran will defeat any attack.

Significantly, under the terms of the nuclear deal negotiated under former US President Barack Obama, Iran was not allowed to enrich beyond 3.67 percent. Even before that, when that deal was not in effect, enrichment was limited to 20 percent.

So the step to 60 percent is an important and clear step in the direction of 90 – the so-called Uranium used in making weapons, Suitable for producing nuclear weapons. On the other hand, it is related to limited quantities and deliberate slow production. The main thing that Iran should do Pretending What it could do, instead of needing or being able to use 60% uranium.

Perhaps the most important goal for Iran is to get more involved in negotiations on a new nuclear deal. Preparatory and exploratory talks on this topic continued in Vienna for ten days. The United States is not at the same table as the Iranian delegation there, but diplomats from other countries (China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and Germany) are trying to bring about a rapprochement between Washington and Tehran through shuttle diplomacy.

One country does not participate is Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not have an iota of faith in Iran. The question is how will Israel respond to the recent Iranian demonstration.

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