Diablo IV Season 5 introduces Infernal Horde mode

Blizzard decided to start a fifth season for Diablo IV shortly before the release of the announced Ship of Hate. This season, which starts on August 6, has some great new content.

But we’ll start at the beginning: Season 5 begins on August 6, but it’s shorter than previous seasons. This is apparently due to the release of Ship of Hate on October 8th.

What can you expect? For starters, there’s a brand new roguelike mode: Infernal Hordes. But you can’t start this…

You must first complete a new series of quests. This takes place after the main campaign and remains in the Eternal Realms after the end of Season 5. The story begins in Heuser, where the heroes must investigate a disturbance among the townspeople. After completing the questline, you will unlock Infernal Hordes mode for all characters on your Diablo IV account.

If you want to know the full details, and there are a lot of them, you can go to Official Website From Diablo IV.


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