Did you know that watching Christmas movies is good for your mental health?

There is hardly anyone who is not from the old school Christmas movie He loves, right? And what we can actually enjoy Home Alone, which always airs every year, has also been shown to be extremely beneficial for your mental health. Our colleagues from Marie Claire I’ll tell you exactly why.

Christmas movies

Suffering from Christmas stress? Then it might be worth showing a Christmas movie. Various studies have shown that Christmas movies evoke emotions that can help us relieve stress.

Additionally, research shows that watching Christmas movies releases the “feel-good hormone,” which can produce feelings of happiness. “I think anything that takes us out of our normal habit stimulates our senses. Then our senses measure whether it is fun or not. Celebrating Christmas will produce dopamine, which is the feel-good hormone,” said one psychologist.

Simple and ethical

And also a psychiatrist Daniel Forshee Explains why we become happier when we watch Christmas movies. “When we witness a character experiencing pain, happiness, loss or any other emotion, our brain recognizes it and we immediately start feeling the same emotions. It’s as if it were real,” Forshee said.

Psychotherapist Katie Morton Also informed huffpost That before Happy endings In Christmas movies, we’re quickly drawn to easy solutions. “This is because sometimes it seems that our daily lives often contain more questions than answers,” she says.

Behavioral scientist Pamela Rutledge He explains that classic Christmas movies – which are predictable – can provide a break from reality for some people. “The human mind loves patterns, and predictability is cognitively rewarding,” she explains. “Those predictable storylines provide comfort by presenting life as simple and moral.”

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Strengthen relationships

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Christmas movies can strengthen relationships. Everyone is in you Inner circle You will feel yourself getting closer while watching a Christmas movie. This is mainly due to the emphasis on that family feeling. This means gluttony!

Source: Marie Claire, The List, Do You Remember | Image: Princess Key

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