Dinosaur survival MMO Path of Titans is coming to PlayStation and Xbox

Dinos remain interesting creatures and appear regularly in games, but we’ll never get enough of them. So it’s good to be able to Report Path of Titans is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

This game is already available on PC and it is a massive multiplayer online dinosaur survival game. Before the release, there will be a beta release on consoles and it will start on July 27. The beta client will be available on the PlayStation Store and on the Xbox Marketplace as of the stated date.

Not sure what to expect from the game? Be sure to check out the trailer and general description below.

You’ve never experienced a dinosaur adventure like this before! Path of Titans is an MMO adventure in an open world of dinosaurs with more than 25 types of dinosaurs living in the worlds of titans.

With stunning graphics including over 100,000 different types of skins, unique traits and skills for each dinosaur subtype, and newly revealed Gondwa Islands available to play today, get ready to go on endless adventures wherever your dinosaur imagination takes you. Explore Jurassic Dinosaurs as you upgrade species with your friends, and discover more community mods and objects available today. Survive, explore, battle and thrive in PvP and PvE as you rank up in skill slots, side quests and customize glorious cosmetic skins across Gondua Islands and Bangura Highlands!

Little dinosaurs start your adventure, learn how to explore, master combat, make friends, join a herd, survive alone, hunt, hunt, graze or defend resources, just say another side mission tonight, build a home cave, start your own dinosaur family with characters your new baby or the children of your friends, and expand your skills, recipes and in-game cosmetic skins as you roam the earth millions of years ago!

Dinosaurs rule these lands, and now you can enter their world!

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