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Launched in 2004, ESOF is the largest biennial pan-European scientific conference devoted to scientific research and innovation. Year after year, ESOF provides stimulating content and stimulates discussion on the latest scientific developments. Researchers, policy makers, and research organizations in the early stages will have the opportunity to meet and learn more about the role of science in society and create synergies.

“ESOF brings the entire community together to discuss current and future achievements in contemporary science. I believe that these synergies between thinkers, innovators and policy makers, from academia and business, and the public and private sectors, are essential to the growth and impact of research and innovation,” said EU Commissioner Gabriel (Innovation, Research and Culture) education and youth).

EU Special Pavilion

As part of ESOF 2022, the European Union will also be present with a special EU Pavilion. From today through Saturday, the pavilion will host a series of virtual and on-site activities to enhance dialogue and communication, including TED-style talks, virtual reality, live graphics with young artists, and virtual escape games about sustainability and space travel.

The EU Pavilion revolves around two main themes:

  1. The Five missions of the European Unionone of the new procedures that follow the European Union Scholarship Program Horizon Europe For Research and Innovation (2021-2027). Which aims to combine research and innovation with new forms of management, collaboration and citizen participation to achieve tangible results by 2030.
  2. Young research talents and their career prospects in this specific field.

A virtual EU kiosk will also be set up with relevant tools such as fact sheets, reports and videos on a wide range of topics in EU research and innovation.

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On Saturday 16, the EU Pavilion will also be the main stage for the first-ever European talent fair. The event is open to all and aims to increase youth employment opportunities in the research sectors and help them connect with the business world. Read more about european talent show

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