UK launches investigation into Amazon abuse of power

Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) say To examine whether Amazon also has dominance in the United Kingdom. If so, the CMA wants to know whether the company is abusing that position in favor of its own sales channels.

Amazon not only sells its own products but also provides a place for other sellers to earn money through its trading platform. According to several researches from a recent tech site MarkupThe technology company places its own products structurally higher in search results than other vendors.

That’s why the European Commission has been investigating Amazon for years. That investigation may soon come to an end: step Politics Both parties are pushing for compromise. Amazon must make changes to avoid penalties.

VK can now deal with Amazon itself

While the United Kingdom was still a member of the European Union, the country had to wait for the results of the EU investigation. However, now the British government may be following Amazon.

The CMA wants to know how Amazon uses data from other sellers, how the company ranks in search results and which products it can sell under the Prime brand name. For example, users with a Prime subscription get these types of items cheap or delivered to their home for free.

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