Many Dutch people do not use sunscreen in the morning

The temperature has tilted since King's Day, which is a good thing, because we see the sun more and more. It seems that spring has already arrived and the balcony (and maybe even the beach) is calling us. But did you know that many Dutch people don't apply sunscreen in the morning, even though they should?

Everyone knows the slogan: Sunscreen should be applied between 12pm and 2pm, because that is the time when the sun is highest in the sky. But you can also get severe burns in the morning, from 10am onwards. After all, it is the same sun.

Many Dutch people do not use sunscreen in the morning

Overall, the Dutch do well: 96% use sunscreen when sitting on the beach or by the pool. This is demonstrated by research conducted by research agency Verian, initiated by Etos and Skin Fund. However, we are certainly not doing it perfectly yet. Interestingly, 63% of people indicate that they often do not apply sunscreen while on the road, for example before going to the beach.

However, the sun can be strong between 10am and 12pm, as well as between 12pm and 2pm, so you can also get a serious sunburn. In addition, many people only use sunscreen when they feel sunburned on their skin, but by then the damage may have already been done. Sunscreen also needs time to absorb into your skin, about half an hour. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply sunscreen at home on a sunny day before going outside. Did you know that sunscreen also has an expiration date?

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Facts and myths about sunburn

When should you apply sunscreen? Especially with a UV Index of 3 or higher, it's important to have a bottle of sunscreen. You can find out how high the UV index is for the day via the weather app. However, there are a lot of myths about sunscreen, such as that you won't get a tan (or less) if you apply sunscreen. This is not true, it is actually more gradual and safer.

People also believed that they could bake for hours if they lubricated themselves properly. However, the effect of sunscreen is not final and people often use too little of the product or do not use it regularly enough.

Planning a day at the beach or pool? If you apply a good layer of sunscreen at home, you won't start sunburning on the way there. In the article below you can read more facts and myths about sunscreen:

Tropical weekend approaching: Myths and facts about sunscreen

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