“Here's the full schedule for Xbox releases in 2024”

Like every year, Xbox comes out with a big offer at the beginning of June. Microsoft is still trying to keep the content secret, but it seems that some things are already known. It seems clear when almost all of this year's big games will be released.
Xbox has quite a few games planned for this year. This is how Avowed and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle should come out. Dates for that are not yet known, however the edge He claims to know the most popular different games.
After the summer, Microsoft and Bethesda released Starfield's first DLC, called Shattered Space. The goal is to release in September. Then came the turn of Microsoft's newest addition, Call of Duty.
The shooter will release a new part in October, which is also in line with what was previously usual. And the following month, in November, Microsoft will have at least two games in the program. Both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Avowed are aiming for release that month.

Indiana Jones can then close out the year. Like a real Hollywood movie, the game will be released in December, and that's the plan now. The exact dates for all these games are still unclear and it is of course possible that something will be postponed.

“The entire presentation is dedicated to Call of Duty 2024”

As often happens at an Xbox showcase, a long presentation is immediately devoted to one game. Xbox has yet to announce the game, but it can be guessed that it's Call of Duty, based on a shared image. According to The Verge, it is true that Call of Duty has a key role in this presentation. This year's new game is said to be a Black Ops title from developer Treyarch.

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