Astroclub with Frank DeBusser: Some recent developments in climate science

One of the major problems facing humanity and the entire biosphere is global warming. Over the past decades, progressively better models have been developed to understand something as complex as global climate and make predictions based on observations.

How do such models arise? On what basis do we base predictive statements? What are the recent developments in this field?

Frank DeBusser will talk about this during Astroclub. Frank DeBusser has been active as a MIRA volunteer for many years and is of course primarily known as a VRT weatherman. And even though Frank is retiring in 2023, you're a meteorologist forever. So you can still get weather information on Frank's website and social media.

Visit the gazebo at MIRA. MIRA has had a well-equipped gazebo for many years, but since 2019 has added a beautiful large, fully automated dome containing a 50cm telescope! From now on, stargazing at MIRA will offer even more possibilities than before… The sun sets later, making it the perfect opportunity to enjoy solar observing at the beginning of our astronomy club. The solar cycle is gradually developing to a maximum, so there is a good chance of observing a beautiful group of sunspots, perhaps also with beautiful protrusions at the edge of the solar disk. Tonight there will also be a beautiful crescent moon visible, and through our telescopes we can then show the beautiful phenomena that can be seen on the surface of the moon. It doesn't really get dark until late, so around 11pm we can observe the starry spring sky. With the help of our telescopes, beautiful star clusters, colorful double stars and all kinds of nebulae become visible.

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