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A relatively large number of low-income families live in neighborhoods with many housing association homes. Healthy living and living is not a given for many of these residents. Housing associations can contribute to reducing health disparities in various areas. In this inspiring book, we explain how housing associations, along with municipalities and welfare organizations, work to improve the health and well-being of tenants.

A good, safe and healthy life is important to a healthy life. So it makes sense that healthy living is now on the agenda. Especially in neighborhoods and neighborhoods at risk. The municipality is responsible for the local approach to health inequality. Housing associations can also contribute to this. Thanks to an amendment to the Housing Code effective January 1, 2022, there are now options to do just that. Municipalities and housing associations can work together in this regard.

Inspiration for living and health book

This book provides inspiration for housing associations, municipalities, and social welfare organizations to implement their integrated health approach. In this inspiring book you will find:

  • Starting points for a broad and coherent approach to a good, safe and healthy life, with attention to the underlying causes of health differences.
  • A description of how cooperation and performance agreements between municipalities and housing associations are implemented.
  • Examples of how you as a housing association, along with municipalities and social welfare organisations, have given substance to the WHO Five Factors (Who is the) that make a difference in addressing health disparities:
    • Income and livelihood security
    • living conditions
    • social and human capital
    • Work and working conditions
    • Healthcare.
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This publication contributes to a broader understanding, shared vision or new agreements about the potential deployment of housing associations in the health administration. Or to better associate current activities with more attention to health.

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