‘Put a Belly Away Plan’ Helps Men Lose Belly Fat in 12 Weeks (Retie)

plan belly away Intended for guys who want to get rid of their bloated tummy and want firm shoulders again, but don’t want to spend hours in the gym for it. Personal trainer and nutrition coach Tobias Maerien from Retie created a 12-week schedule just for them. His secret: Eat differently with short strength training exercises and interval training. “if I were Abdominal muscle division You want, my schedule is not enough. So you have to go to the gym seven times a week. “But plan belly away It is the first step towards a strong and strong male body.”

Eating only from 12 noon

A healthy, cooked diet is the key. According to Tobias, to slim your beer belly, you have to strive for a negative energy balance: eat fewer calories than you consume, or vice versa. “But that doesn’t mean you should eat less,” he says. You should especially consume more proteins, such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, dates and chickpeas. Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles: they ensure your body is strong and in shape again. “

The “Plan belly away” book is available in bookstores starting this week and costs €22.50. © RR

The Tobias method is also based on the principle of nutrition intermittent fastingShe only eats from 12 noon to 8 pm. “By not eating for another 16 hours a day, you give your body time to rest and recover,” he says. “But in this way you also give yourself some margin for sin sometimes, for example if you have a party in the evening or if you eat french fries in the evening.”

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strength training

The second cornerstone plan belly away It is a sport. “But there are no prolonged walking or cycling training sessions,” says Tobias. “It’s a myth that you need prolonged cardio to burn fat. Running in your spare time for an hour and a half won’t get you fit. Lots of young dads and other guys just don’t have the time for that. That’s why you have to do it smart, with a smart combination of strength Intermittent exercises. High intensity interval training (HIIT), like jogging, is useful for stimulating your metabolism. For strength training, I focus primarily on the large muscle groups because that’s where you get the biggest return: chest, back, and legs, including with Benches, pull ups And the difference

Another advantage of short, vigorous training is that your body has more time to recover in between. “As you are in the recovery phase from intense training, you are making the most progress,” says 4u2Motion Sports and Nutrition Center Director at Retie and online platform StartHealthy.

Twelve healthy recipes

in this book plan belly away Author Tobias Maerien details the exercises and courses you can take anywhere and anytime, along with specific training schedules. The book also contains twelve recipes for healthy, easy-to-make meals, such as a green salad of smoked mackerel, peas, schnitzel, lettuce, watercress, onions, and cucumbers. Or a pan of marinated chicken, quinoa, mushrooms, avocado, red peppers, soybeans, seaweed, onions and ginger.

plan belly away Published by Uitgeverij Lannoo, it has 275 pages and costs 22.50 euros. The book is for sale online at well-known web stores, but is also available in-store at Standaard Boekhandel and local bookstores.

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