Division or division within society

In our tough society, it has always been the case that you are for or against something. Are you for or against Palestine (politics). Are you for or against wearing a headscarf (political/religious). You are for or against shooting animals in Veluwe or Oostvaardersplassen (care). You are for or against the admission of asylum seekers (Humanity and Care).

But in the last year something has been added which is whether people are for or against vaccination. It has been the case for years that people may or may not want to be vaccinated. There are people who do not get the annual flu shot. I still haven’t, although I’m starting to doubt it more and more. But let’s face it, this year’s vaccine is against last year’s virus. Because that’s how fast mutations are.
Something similar also happens with SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus). It is almost impossible to keep up with the changes. The next variant (‘Mu’) is already impatiently waiting for the door, while the alternate Delta has yet to find the emergency exit.

But opinions move quickly in our society. There is a singer who says that she no longer wants to perform with people (fans, colleagues, employees) who have not been vaccinated. It is understandable, but is it possible to claim it?
Now the employer has begun to make demands on its employees. People can return to work after a crisis if they are vaccinated. This even extends to hospital work. For example, the director of Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem says that only vaccinated employees can work in the wards of at-risk patients. So this director is calling on the Cabinet to allow employers to legally ask about the vaccination status of employees. So this is legal not yett possible.

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In Lelystad, a GP who has trouble vaccinating says he won’t inject his patients himself. The doctor also explained this. By the way, vaccination can be obtained in practice.

Finally, there is also the fact that the mayor of Nunspet has called on citizens to get vaccinated, given the high number of infections. However, the mayor himself has chosen not to vaccinate. The mayor indicated that he is against vaccination because of his religious beliefs. Only faith then towards himself. From this same belief, he would not advise others not to vaccinate either. And this is a special case, where the mayor does not want to be vaccinated, while calling others to be vaccinated.

Fundamental Rights / Law
If one now looks at this file and compares the constitution of the Netherlands with it, one will see a number of things.

  • Take it hijab discussionNS. In fact, the ban on wearing a headscarf is inconsistent with Article 6 of the freedom of religion or belief. Everyone has the right to freely manifest his religion or belief. Additional rules can be made, but they relate to health and the importance of traffic and turbulence
  • Fifthdialect discussion. Article 11 of the Constitution states that everyone has the right to the inviolability of his body, subject to the limitations established by or in accordance with the law. The interpretation explains that this is the right to the inviolability of the human body. In other words, everyone can decide for themselves what happens to his body, what medical procedures are performed and what medications are taken. This means that each person is responsible for his own body. The government, others, but also the general practitioner are not allowed to do anything with your body if you don’t want to. No one should give you medicine even if you don’t want to.
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When one reads these kinds of things in the Constitution, the question is what does the government do. Everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated. I chose to do it on my own. It was also my right to refuse to do so. One cannot force others to vaccinate either. If you turn that around now, you can’t demand a person get vaccinated if they go or go to a singer’s concert. Even a manager can’t ask someone to be vaccinated when he comes to work. Then the mayor. He can decide for himself not to be vaccinated, but he also cannot invite the population to be vaccinated. Here the story is twofold: the constitution is set next to a good example.

last but not least
It is very important to stay healthy. This applies to any religion or belief. This is also described in Islam. As well as for brothers and sisters who are skeptical about vaccination. Remember that today’s health care is based on the scientific discoveries of Islam.
The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, indicated in various hadiths that cleanliness is very important for all people whether you are young or old, poor or rich. Remember the narration of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the narration of Al-Tirmidhi:

“He who wakes up in the morning with a sound body and soul, and secures his bread for the day, is like he who owns the whole world.”

Or another narration of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, narrated by al-Nasa’i:

God’s forgiveness and wellness. After being reassured in faith, there is nothing better for a man than health.”

Everyone has the right to their own body. Remember the traditions and take care of a healthy body. In this way one can also contribute to the health and health of the body, family, friends and others.

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