Dizziness: symptoms and treatment of balance disorder

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Dizziness: symptoms and treatment of balance disorder


The connection between your central nervous system and your brain ensures that you stand firmly on your feet. If this connection is affected, balance problems will arise. If balance problems persist, it is best to see a doctor because this may indicate a medical problem.

What is a balance disorder?

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Your sense of balance depends on the constant flow of information between your ears, eyes, tissues and brain. If something disrupts the flow of information, you get wrong information about the movements you are making. The result is that you feel dizzy and lose your balance.

This is more common in older people than in young people. Therefore, they may have difficulty walking and may also fall more easily.

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What are the symptoms of balance disorder?

Balance problems can cause various complaints:

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What are the causes of balance disorder?

Many people have balance problems as they age, although the problem can occur at any age. Often a balance disorder is a symptom of another condition.

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what is the cure?

Balance disorders disappear by treating the cause. Your doctor may also recommend a special type of physical therapy that includes exercises and techniques that can help you manage your balance problems.

In addition, it is best to make sure that stress and tension are reduced as much as possible. Make sure you get enough sleep and exercise. Finally, avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

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Last updated: September 2023

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