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Has there been a particular destination that has been on your list to discover for a long time? Take this trip now and immerse yourself in a colorful culture – life is too short. During an adventurous tour, you will create unforgettable memories to cherish forever. These five tours are on our list.

1. On a ride through the Wild West
A tour along America’s West Coast sparks the imagination. Drive with your girlfriend or friends from Los Angeles (Hollywood, baby!) to Las Vegas (ding ding ding) and San Francisco (Golden Gate City) – in no particular order. In between city trips you can explore the western United States by car. A stunning route of more than 3,500 kilometers passes through the magical Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Along the way, the impressive Golden Gate Bridge looms large and you imagine yourself in the movie on Monterey Beach.

2. Visit the Mayans in Yucatán
In Mexico, time passes a little slower. So, allow enough time to explore the Yucatan Peninsula. In addition to colorful towns and pearly white beaches, you’ll learn about the legendary Mayan culture. At Chichen Itza, Palenque and Chicana, you’ll see magnificent temples that always rise above the rainforest. Your trip ends in tropical Playa del Carmen: the pearl of the Caribbean. Here you can swim in the azure blue waters or get a tan on the beach. After sunbathing, you will sit at the table with a local Mexican family, where you will taste traditional local dishes. Your table set will introduce you to their unique and colorful culture.

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3. From the capital to an unknown location in Thailand
Thailand is a country with many faces. You’ll get to know them all on a tour. Tip: Start your trip in bustling Bangkok where you can enjoy all the beauty that city life has to offer. Then continue to Chiang Mai. In this green mountainous landscape, agriculture, religion and tradition form the essence of life. Your trip ends in Krabi paradise, where you will enjoy perfect beaches, amazing boat trips and exquisite gastronomy.

4. Discover colorful South Africa
Few destinations capture the imagination as much as vibrant South Africa. You’ll learn about the “Big Five”, but especially the warm locals. Take a road trip there through picturesque reserves and stunning cities. Cape Town steals your heart without a doubt. Take a road trip along scenic panoramic roads and picturesque reserves. From Dullstroom – the highest village in the country – follow the coastline to the southernmost point of civilisation: Cape Town. Along the way, you’ll go on safari, make a quick visit to the tiny kingdom of Eswatini and toast one of the world’s best wine regions. I can not wait!

5. Eat, sunbathe and explore in Sardinia
A trip to Italy quickly leads you to Tuscan art cities or Amalfi beaches. For an unforgettable adventure, you can also look outside the trunk of a car: on the island of Sardinia, for example. There is no shortage of charming towns in this Mediterranean paradise. You travel from one coastal city to another by car. In the historic seaside resort of Alghero, you can admire views of clear waters and enter the magnificent Gothic cathedral, and in the capital, Cagliari, you can admire Roman ruins and stroll through the stately streets. On the terrace you can enjoy bottarga, a local dish of dried fish served over bruschetta.

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On an adventure yourself?
These five tours combine the best of both worlds. With TUI Tours you can plan your route yourself, based on the proposed travel plan or based on your own wishes. You can choose your hotels, stops, and length of stay in each place, and you can add activities to your travel program as desired. You travel from point A to point B with a rented car or with a private driver, who is also your guide.

TUI arranges all the practicalities so you can travel worry-free, but stay in control. The ultimate tour recipe: Enough guidance, but above all, there is a great deal of freedom to customize your trip down to the last detail, based on your chosen departure date and your budget.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? At TUI Tours you will find adventurous tours that you can completely customize. Discover all Tui Tours Online or visit your travel agent.

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