Roller coaster day – the most exciting roller coaster in the world

Today is World Roller Coaster Day and that naturally calls to mind the most bizarre and frightening roller coaster and stomach butterflies in the world. After all, a roller coaster is only really a rollercoaster if it has at least one loop, right? We’ve been crazy together for a long time, ever since Edwin Prescott patented the vertical looping ride on this day in 1898 (!) So many crazy roller coasters have been built since his invention. This is the most exciting roller coaster that the world currently knows.

The fastest

At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi you will find the fastest roller coaster in the world: Formula Rossa. It reaches 240 kilometers per hour. Of course you have to when it comes to Ferrari, which is also one of the fastest cars in the world.

the above

The highest roller coaster is 139 meters high, Kingda Ka. Anyway, Kingda Ka is seen as one of the coolest roller coasters, by the way. You can find him in Jackson, USA.

most episodes

Do you want to cross as much as possible? Then you should definitely go to Staffordshire in the UK. There is a roller coaster with the ominous name The Smiler. You get turned upside down no fewer than 14 times on this roller coaster.

The most beautiful wooden roller coaster

With Rollercoasters, you naturally think of go-karts on a steel frame, but there are also very beautiful wooden roller coasters in the world. In Efteling, for example, you have Joris and the funny double and the dragon, but the most beautiful can be found in a different place. This is the 1947 Phoenix (although it was a big step back in 1985), which you can find in Pennsylvania in the United States. It’s particularly exciting because it takes you into a pitch-black tunnel at the start of the ride.

deeper drop

While it was Prescott who filed the patent all that time, he wasn’t the first. In the 17th century, people in St. Petersburg were already doing roller coaster rides, namely on the icebergs near the city. You can then go up 25m and there were drops of 50 degrees. The biggest drop is now from the TMNT Shellraiser: 121.5 degrees.


X of Six Flags Magic Mountain in California (USA) first opened in 2002 as the world’s first “3D” attraction. It has 360-degree rotatable seats and drops that put you straight face down. It really is an amazing journey.

The oldest in the Netherlands

The oldest roller coaster in the Netherlands is Rodelbaan in Waarbeek: it dates back to the 1930s. By the way, it is not very exciting: with its height of 4 meters, it is a good representation of our flat country.

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