A Big Mystery Surrounds Ghost Klein’s Planes Across Europe (PA) | RTL Street

Joost will represent the Netherlands tonight during the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. His entrance has been controversial for weeks, but the sudden appearance of these planes adds some extra mystery to his performance. The planes have already been spotted in Austria, Poland and the United Kingdom.

What is striking is that Jost himself claims to have had nothing to do with it. The singer is known for his eccentric style and mysterious personality, but even he seems surprised by this unexpected recognition.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is working overtime. In the Netherlands and Belgium, many fans suspect that Nathan Vanderjohnst, known as YouTuber Acid, may be involved in the planes flying around Europe. He is a very good friend of Joost and earns enough money from his YouTube videos to pay for it.

While Joost and Eurovision Song Contest fans are eagerly awaiting his performance tonight, they also remain curious about who is behind the stunt.

However, Ghost’s song “Europapa” was very well received by international fans. Jost is brimming with energy on semi-final day:

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