Is your iPhone alarm not ringing? This is how you solve it

There’s nothing more annoying than an alarm clock that doesn’t ring. iPhone users have three ways to solve the problem.

Many iPhone users are reporting the same thing to the social network Reddit problem: Their alarm didn’t ring. Many users link the problem to the recent iOS 17.2 update. However, it is not certain whether the problem actually lies there or not: many iPhone owners, who have different models, say that they suffer from the problem quite often.

Comments on the Reddit post also show that not everyone is affected by the issue: several users reported that their alarm never skipped a day. Does your alarm clock ever skip a turn? Then there are three things you can look at.

Conscious attention

The Attention Aware function seems to cause issues on many iPhones. This attention detection function is available on all devices starting from iPhone X and iPad Pro (11-inch and 12.9-inch). This function ensures that your iPhone responds to your attention. For example, attention detection prevents the screen from dimming while the device is in use. The feature also reduces the volume of notifications. However, the function does not seem to be limited to the notification sound, in some cases it also works to reduce the alarm sound.

Turn off Attention Detection Features to disable the feature.

You can disable the feature in your iPhone settings. To do this, open the Settings app and tap to access “Face ID & Access Code.” There you disable the “Interest Detection Facilities” function. Attention detection is also used for voice control. If you ever set up voice control, you’ll also have to adjust the settings for that under Accessibility.

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The second option is to disable standby mode. This function ensures that your iPhone’s screen does not fall when the device is placed on its side. Instead, it displays the standby screen, where you can see the clock and various widgets.

Is your alarm not going off? Then it may be a solution to turn off standby mode. Many users reported that their alarm keeps ringing after that. It is not known why the function causes problems.

Alarm sound

The third and final option is to check the alert sound. Many users reported that their alarm sound suddenly cleared. As a result, your alarm settings indicate that it should go off without a sound, even if you haven’t set anything yourself. Do you set several alarm clocks in a row to get out of bed in the morning? So it’s best to check all of these alarms and make sure they’re sounding.

If no sound is set, your alarm will not ring.

You can do this by tapping the alarm in the Clock app, under the Alarm Clocks tab. By clicking on “Sound”, you will then get an overview of all the available ringtones.

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