Samsung now also lets you repair its foldable smartphones yourself

Anyone with a Samsung foldable smartphone can now repair it themselves instead of sending it or taking it to a store.

A smartphone is a treasured possession for many people who find it difficult to part with it. If the device breaks down, there must be a solution quickly. Since last summer, Samsung has been supporting its device repairs by sending repair kits. This way you waste less time and suddenly learn something new.

The self-repair program provides repair kits, original replacement parts, and the tools needed to replace everything correctly. Until recently, this only concerned Samsung’s Galaxy S and Tab S series, the high-end range of smartphones and tablets.

From now on, you can also repair the folding models yourself. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 are supported within the recall. Prices range from €4 (volume key), €35 (glass back) and up to €526 (folding screen). If you do not have the appropriate tools at home, you can add a repair kit at a cost of €35 to your order. All prices include VAT.

You can see the full list of parts here Find. Currently, Samsung only supports the latest generation of foldable tablets and phones. Within the Galaxy S series you can go back to the Galaxy S21. Strangely, the newer Galaxy Book 3 series is not supported among laptops, but the Book 2 series, which is now almost two years old, is. Here is the full list at the time of writing:

European plans

Samsung’s plans are consistent with those of the European Commission, which has drawn up a draft law to revive the “right to repair.”

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The right to repair schemes fits into the Circular Economy Action Plan drawn up by the Commission in 2020. The intention is to reduce the mountain of electronic waste as much as possible. The introduction of USB-C as a global standard for charging devices also fits into this business plan.

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