Apple is returning the End Call button to its original place in the latest version of iOS after criticism

Apple rolled back a planned change to iOS 17, the latest version of the mobile operating system for iPhones. It’s about the red button with the call to end calls. It will be removed from the center of the screen, but there has been a lot of criticism.

Apple introduced iOS 17, the new mobile operating system, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June. The new version will be available to most iPhone users from mid-September. However, beta testers have been able to download and test iOS 17 for quite some time now.

Because of this, there was a sudden uproar among Apple users last week. Someone noticed an amazing novelty. In the iOS 17 beta, Apple has fine-tuned the screen you see when you call someone. The biggest change is the location of the button to end the call. In iOS 16, this button is located centrally at the bottom, but now it’s been temporarily moved to the bottom right.

Finish button

This strange choice quickly received a lot of criticism online and it seems that Apple didn’t miss that either. In a new beta, the red Exit button is again centralized at the bottom. The location of the other buttons is still partially different from what it is in iOS 16. For example, the places for “mute” and “speakerphone” or “volume” have been swapped. The same thing happened with “Keypad” and “FaceTime”. In addition, the “Add” and “Contacts” buttons are integrated. This made space for the red button between the other buttons.

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It is not yet entirely certain if this tweak will also remain with the final launch of iOS 17, although the chance seems pretty high.

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