SWAT loses publisher due to school shooting level

In Ready or Not, players are part of a SWAT team, where they have to eliminate or arrest enemies.

According to developer Void Interactive, the studio has decided toMutual‘Concluded with publisher Team17. In a statement to Kotaku Team 17 confirms this.

The split is believed to have originated from a level depicting a school shooting, according to a developer response reddit. The level may be added in a future update. In a recent tweet, Void Interactive said there is no “easy way” to represent a school shooting and that it is “aware of the responsibility” that comes with such a level.

“School is not just part of the Ready or Not story, it is part of thousands of stories from people around the world,” the developer said.

“It’s the story of those who died prematurely at the hands of a crazy gunman, the story of family and friends waiting for a call that never came, the story of emergency responders who did everything they could but it wasn’t enough.”

Finally, Void Interactive says it will continue to follow its “vision” and continue to “listen”.

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