Do you get pimples from eating chocolate?

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Chocolate letters and chocolate chips at the beginning of the month, Christmas wreaths this coming Christmas weekend, not to mention mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream because it’s cold outside. Nice, isn’t it, all those culinary refreshments in December.

It seems to be part of it: During December, we often eat a lot of chocolate. But what is the effect of too much chocolate on your skin? metro asked for it nutrition specialist Camilla Bot.

Do you get pimples from chocolate?

Butt says the scientific effect of eating chocolate on the skin is still uncertain. “Opinions are very divided as to whether chocolate is the cause of pimples. One study showed that eating chocolate had an effect on blemished skin, while other studies showed it to be a myth.”

The same dietitian believes that it is different for each person whether you are sensitive to the effect of chocolate on impure skin. “You can imagine that if you always react aggressively to, say, lactose, and you get blisters, you get that too from chocolate.” In this case, the degree of sensitivity is due not to the chocolate itself, but to one or more substances that are also present in the chocolate.

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Why do you only want to eat wreaths at Christmas this weekend

According to Bot, is that a reason to skip Christmas wreaths next weekend? “Absolutely not, in my opinion there are no drawbacks to chocolate if you eat it in moderation and are not allergic to it.” The nutritionist doesn’t recommend eating a lot of chocolate, but “whatever that word stands for is also less healthy. Enjoy it.”

Bot also has good news for chocolate lovers: “One of the benefits of eating chocolate is that you can eat healthy products for longer. Eating something delicious is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.”

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Nutrition under the microscope: Do you get pimples from eating chocolate?

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