Dmitriy Van den Berg is ready for the first game of the World Championship. Darts: “Don’t underestimate anyone” | Arrows

Dimitri van den Berg (PDC-9) was free in the first round, but could get his darts out of his pocket on Tuesday.

His partner Evie laughs on the phone from London: “There’s no real pressure yet, but that will be different tomorrow.”

Van den Berg didn’t come on the line and focused on his first World Cup match. “He is very focused and feels ready. He doesn’t underestimate anyone.”

After some great shows last summer, the outlook isn’t that bad. “It is very good that there is finally interest in this sport in Belgium. This also strengthens Dmitry.”

Because of the Coronavirus, the World Archers Cup already had an atypical appearance, but in the UK the alarm bells have been ringing extremely loud since yesterday due to some kind of coronavirus.

“Not much will change for us,” partner Evi says. Thus the additional restrictions (travel) do not cause changes in the scenario.

“We were not planning to go home for the holidays anyway. The procedures were really tightened and we didn’t want to take any risks.”

“We chose to stay here and not much will change. It will be different than usual, but the World Cup will continue as usual.”

“We will go out to the store, but for the rest we will stay in the hotel.”

“There, Dimitri is training in his room and in the training room, where all players can do it. That’s fine for two hours a day.”

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