11 Chinese miners rescued after two weeks | abroad

Rescuers today rescued 11 of the 22 Chinese miners who were trapped underground for two weeks after an explosion in a gold mine they were working in, according to state media.

The January 10 blast severely damaged the exit ladder and communication system, preventing contact with workers in the mine near Qixia City, eastern Shandong Province.

Emergency services managed to rescue the first miner this morning, China Time. The man was very weak. Later, ten other miners were released from their predicament. One man has definitely died. It is not known how the other ten are doing.

Last Sunday, the emergency services dug a hole in the mine and heard “knocking sounds”. Then local officials announced their intention to cut food and phone lines to the mine.

Rescuers announced on Friday that this was expected You need another two weeks To free other miners.

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