DNA Screening Research into Moral Acceptance, Terms and the Role of Government – ZonMw

Under what circumstances is the use of DNA testing (both public and commercial) to promote health gains or increase reproductive independence, is ethically acceptable and what is the government’s role in this? The call transcript contains a number of relevant research questions that need to be investigated.

Research should lead to a deepening of discussions about the circumstances under which WGS and WES can be used in an ethically responsible manner (public and commercial). This includes recommendations on considerations to be taken into account when making a decision and considerations about what the government can and cannot afford. This makes it possible to advise on potential additions to the Wilson and Jungner criteria for complex DNA techniques. The Wilson and Jungner criteria should be viewed as a starting point and need not be revised. Nor is it intended to assess the current scope of population examinations and examinations.

The results of the study can be used for future policy making regarding population screening and screening.

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