The Accountant Part 2 is coming


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The feature film “The Accountant” was recently shown on television, but it was released five years ago. Looks like there will be a sequel at last.

the original Movie From 2016, starring Ben Affleck, the story revolves around autism and at the same time brilliant accountant Christian Wolf, who does bookkeeping for major criminals as a freelancer from a nondescript CPA office in a small town. As the story progresses, an increasingly elegant accountant emerges as a killer business hero.

The film ultimately grossed over $155 million. Barely a year after its release, a sequel was announced, but then calm reigned. However, director Gavin O’Conner recently confirmed that agreements to direct the sequel are now in place.

In the second part, the brother of the main character, equally dangerous Brax (played by Jon Bernthal), gets a more prominent role. The director even dreams of a triple.


You always have to wait and watch the relay, although sometimes it’s worth watching. Think of the Godfather trilogy or the Jason Bourne movie series. With Parts 2-7 of the Police Academy, it was a little different. But James Bond is already back to see In Part 25 and I still don’t sneeze.

So far we hope for the second part of the accountant. It is not yet clear when this part will appear. It remains to be seen if there will be another fun book check (Fifteen Years of Management in a Day, With Many Hint Pens)…

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